Everyone knows about the significance of olive oil. Almost whenever it comes to a healthy diet, olive oil is a great player. The oil, both healthy and delicious, has long been known as healthy oil in the world.

It is suitable for healing pain and inflammation

One of the properties of olive oil is that it reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases due to its oleocanthal. If you suffer from arthritis or another chronic inflammatory condition, adding olive oil to your diet can help improve your condition. Extra virgin olive oil also contains the polyphenol oleocanthal, which exhibits anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen and helps relieve inflammatory pain.


It makes bones healthy and strong

One of the most amazing properties of olive oil is that it prevents the breakdown of bones. By activating osteoclast cells, the body provides the basis for bone decomposition; But researchers speculate that olive oil’s anti-inflammatory polyphenols may provide mechanisms to stop this process.

Supports a healthy gut microbiome

Your gut microbiome—microorganisms and bacteria that play an important role in your overall health—affects everything from your digestion to your mood and the appearance of your skin, so keeping it healthy is critical.

According to a 2019 review that reveals the benefits of olive oil, the polyphenols in olive oil can reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and promote the growth of good bacteria. Specifically, researchers found that eating 1.5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day helped increase the population of healthy bifidobacteria in the gut.

It can help you lose weight

Olive oil helps to keep the blood sugar level stable; Therefore, it can help to reduce sweet cravings and bulimia which leads to weight gain. Also, eating olive oil with vinegar, instead of high-fat salad dressings, helps in weight loss.

Of course, don’t forget that besides the benefits of olive oil, this food is still a high-calorie food; Therefore, the best option to use olive oil is to replace it with harmful fats in the diet.

You can also eat some dates daily to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants in dates prevent atherosclerosis and are effective in reducing blood cholesterol. Pengedar Kurma Malaysia contain isoflavones that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The fiber in dates is useful for weight loss. Obesity is one of the main causes of heart diseases.


It strengthens the immune system

A healthy and strong immune system protects the body from external invaders like a strong fortress. According to the results of a 2015 study, eating extra virgin olive oil every day is associated with the growth and activation of more immune cells that fight foreign invaders.

However, eating an equal amount of corn oil, butter, or soybean oil did not show these results. Some researchers have also pointed to the effects of olive oil in helping to fight infection caused by COVID-19.


Balances blood sugar and helps prevent diabetes

Healthy fats are an integral part of the diet of people trying to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. In a study conducted in 2017 on the properties of olive oil on blood sugar control; People who consumed the most olive oil had lower fasting blood sugar. Also, these people were 16% less at risk of diabetes than other people.



Fiber is very nutritious and has amazing properties. Fiber is mostly found in plant foods and fruits.

Food allergies and asthma

Research has shown that the consumption of fiber-rich foods reduces food allergy and this happens due to the reaction of this substance and intestinal bacteria. The intestine produces bacteria to deal with allergenic foods such as oysters and peanuts. As a result, these substances go to different parts of the body through the blood and cause allergies. But dietary fiber kills bacteria called clostridia that help maintain intestinal immunity.

Likewise, fiber is beneficial for people with asthma. Particles that enter the bloodstream from the gut cause autoimmune reactions that lead to inflammation of the airways, but one study found that rats with a diet A diet rich in high-fiber foods experienced less airway inflammation than mice fed a low- or moderate-fiber diet.


Healthy bones

Consuming soluble dietary fiber, which is called probiotic, increases the bioavailability (percentage of medicine or poison that enters the bloodstream) of minerals such as calcium, which is effective in increasing bone density. This type is found in foods such as There are leeks, asparagus, soybeans and wheat.

Detoxification of the body

One of the most important properties of fiber is detoxification of the body because the solution absorbs compounds that are harmful such as unhealthy fats and prevents them from being absorbed by the body. Also, the consumption of fiber-rich foods causes them to be excreted faster by increasing the stool, as a result, substances such as mercury and pesticides are removed from the body faster, and the possibility of their harm to the body is reduced.

Weight Loss

Foods containing this nutrient will fill you up sooner and keep you full for a longer time. It also reduces the absorption of calories that have entered the body, because the fat and sugar molecules that pass through the intestine stick to this substance and this prevents absorption. They are in the body and help to reduce body weight. Refer to Pengedar Kurma Green Diamond for some ideas about losing weight.


Treatment of constipation

Constipation is one of the most common problems in today’s age, which is caused by wrong nutrition. Consumption of fiber-rich foods softens stool due to the absorption of more water from the intestine, which increases the speed of stool movement in the intestine.