Palm Dates – A Great Palm Seed

A new way of finding dates is with the Palm. A Palm is a little device that looks like a pocket PC and that has a small keyboard and monitor on it that display Palm related items. With one click you can find out who owns a number, what their email address is or locate any other info concerning them. The Palm dates function is perfect for finding potential dates and it’s something every guy should be using.

For a few years now it’s been possible to find dates palm trees in person. I live in Florida and there are many palm trees that are left unpainted and look like they are ready to harvest. These date palms grow in bunches and it can take hours to gather enough bunches for one to photograph and send on a date. In Palm Springs there are many un-painted palms that are ready for harvesting.

I did some research online and found out that dates are made from the pulp of this special fruit. This is found under a root called the annulus fibrous, which can be found underground. The texture of the fruit resembles that of peaches or nectarines. It’s the white interior that makes it so desirable. It has been used as a food source by tribes for centuries and is popular in Arab countries like Morocco.

The Palm dates that I use can be stored for up to a year and have been preserved very well. The best are from Morocco and are hand picked so the quality is excellent. These fruits have very little pulp inside and the seeds are more of a granule. They have a pleasant flavor that when eaten warm makes a great desert flavor.

When you buy date fruit from a Palm retailer you will get some of the best quality you can find. There are brands like Gold Star, Sunset Brand and even Acme dates. I do recommend trying them all yourself to see what your favorite kind is. Some companies offer freeze dried fruits that are just as good.

You can buy the Palm trees and the dates seeds from most any place that dates are sold. You can also purchase them online from many different places. Try to stick with the Palm brand if you can. The taste is not quite the same as others and sometimes they come with an added flavor that is not in the seed or even in the pulp of the fruit. Many people don’t care for the taste of the date seeds. They want the date pulp and that is where they don’t like to eat it.


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