Ajwa Dates Wholesalers – Know About the Different Types

Ajwa dates is a well known name in the market of dates. This is a big market and so there are lots of Ajwa dates wholesalers who are willing to sell their products at cheaper rates. These wholesalers get their supplies from the bulk bins of the big retail stores and hence, can afford to sell them at low prices than those that are available at the market. There are different types of dates, such as Bajra, Kaju, Naundi and Kasan. These dates are not only delicious but also good to eat.

This is a delicacy that has been loved by people for centuries. It is mainly found in the Southern Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and hence it is widely used in all kinds of festivals. The dates are known for its use in preparing the Murg Samrat. The market prices of these dates are quite reasonable and you do not have to spend too much money on it. If you are lucky enough to find some good Ajwa dates wholesalers then you can save a lot of money.

However, if you have not heard about these dates and are still new to this whole thing, then it is always safer to buy it from an online store. There are so many online stores and wholesalers selling good quality dates. They also have discounts and offers on their products that can further make your purchase affordable.

You can get great discounts on these dates from the well known brands such as Pilania, Kirlian and Miten. You can also get them from the small brands as well. All kinds of stores selling these dates including regular stores and boutique stores also stock them. The prices offered are quite pocket friendly and one can easily buy a few. The wholesale dealers can even offer heavy discounts in case you buy in bulk.

There are also Ajwa-dates available with a 100% money back guarantee. This way you do not have to worry about wasting money on something that is not working well for you. These guarantees help you ensure that you buy authentic dates as well.

You can also try out some new recipes and dishes with these dates. They are excellent for roasting and making foods like breads and desserts. You can try making Ajwa patties, jalebis and even pizza dough or cakes. They are also known to improve fertility in both men and women. So do not miss out while you can have these healthy and tasty dates at your disposal.


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