The Many Uses of Dates


There are two schools of thoughts about the origins of dates. One school believes that they are derived from Egypt and were discovered by the Greeks. The other school of thoughts is that they are derived from Babylonian tablets. The dates in both cases are wrong. They are not of Greek origin. It is more likely that they were created by the Babylonians to help themselves encode dates into their alphabet.

The earliest archaeological evidence that dates have come from the Egyptians is from a papyrus written in the third century B.C. The papyrus shows the names of cities where the Egyptian pharaohs took supplies for their campaigns. The supplies included dates. Another archaeological find dated around 1500 B.C. is a slab from King Tutankhamun’s tomb containing baked dates.

dates, like most objects we use today, were used by the Romans. They used them to mark time and the seasons as well as their own native festivals. The winter solstice was a major celebration during this time. This marked the return back to Summer after the long summer season. This dates back to before agriculture became a widespread industry.

Ancient Egyptologists have found many symbols in use with dates. These symbols have been dated back to around 1500 B.C. The ones that are dated from before agriculture were only used on foodstuffs such as bread, fish, and meat. The use of dates had begun to become widespread when agriculture became established.

By the time agriculture reached its peak, dates had become common. Most of the dates that we use today were invented by the Egyptians. They used two different methods to date the grains. One method measured the weight of the grains based on the length of its grain. The other method was a more scientific method, using the principle of lunar cycles.

The Egyptianoglyphs are one way that we can date the grains from before agriculture. These dates were part of a religious ceremony in which it was believed that the person who received the last egg would be the next harvest. These dates were considered very important because they always had the same number each month, showing the cycle of time. A similar tradition also believed that each lunar month had a particular gemstone. People would then use these dates to pick a specific gem for a significant event in their lives. Some of the most common types of dates originations from Egypt include the barley and wheat dates.

The barley dates are used for things like bread making and brewing. The wheat dates were used to signify the start of grain planting. The barley dates that we use today are derived from this tradition. These dates were originally bred by the ancient Egyptians. Today they are commonly known as semahost and sundak. Ancient Egyptian farming methods relied heavily on the use of dates.

Because of their importance and practicality, many use the dates to make products that need to have a shelf life. For example, instead of using canned fruits and vegetables we often use the unrefined dry fruits. You can also use the seeds to add texture and flavor to many foods. The best way to use dates is to eat them fresh. You should always store them properly because they will lose their vitamins and minerals when stored for a long period of time.


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