The business of selling dates in Malaysia is a very popular one, and there are many Malaysia based companies that take advantage of this fact. They buy the whole lot as is from the growers, prepare the meat, wrap it up nicely and sell it off as per their requirements to their local retailers and restaurants, who in turn, sell them on to the customers. This is a booming industry in Malaysia and a booming market for local retailers too.

A good example of a company that buys the whole lot of date from the farmers and then sells them off to the consumers is the Bad Mas plant products. Bad Mas is located in Cherai, Perhentian, Langkawi, Brinchang and many other places in Malaysia. They are known for their quality of dates. They are one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of fresh and dried fruits, snacks and desserts – including ice cream, sorbet, sherbet and fudge. They are also known for their quality of grass cut vegetables and grass fed beef and pork.

Bad Mas produce about 150 different varieties of dates in various colors, shapes and sizes. It is a local business that is well known to all the locals in Malaysia and also to foreigners, as there are regular visits by tourists from countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. These countries provide the raw materials to produce these delicious sweets. So you see, the palm oil and the dates are of great importance to Malaysia too, in terms of its economy, food industry and tourism.

There are many companies that are involved in supplying and marketing the most popular type of food to Malaysia and that is the chocolates, cakes, pastries and cookies. One of the most famous companies producing these snacks in Malaysia is Udate. Another major supplier of snack foods is Munchy sticks, which is situated in Petanburi, Perlis and Langkawi. Other suppliers of chocolates and confections are Whitebait, Tinings Baking, Sunset Delicacy and Pure Gold. These companies have a very strong presence in Penang, Melaka, Borneo, Singapore, Cambodia and Hong Kong and they are major players in the global market.

As far as snack foods are concerned, one company that is very popular in northern Malaysia is Whitebait, which is located in Cameron Highlands. They have an array of snack options including marshmallows, banana crisps, sated chicken pieces, teriyaki chicken slices, salah satu and beef satu. They also supply uitm students with teriyaki and kuih and other Chinese regional food. Their range of snacks include laksa, malai hindi, kuih tomato and many more.

The company has an online deposit system that makes it easy for customers to make their purchases. Customers can send their payment through their credit cards or they can send their cheques to the company. The company accepts major payment methods such as money transfer, card payments, e-checks and ATM transactions. They also accept payments from both local and international buyers. They also send across their newsletters and offer a wide variety of products to their customers.